With today’s technology and easy access to short flights and fast trains,
it’s easy to forget about the days when a long road trip was the most memorable part of your summer.
Even if the radio was dodgy, you never won at eye spy or Dad always ‘sang’ along to the songs!

Kwik Fit Insurance Services wants to bring back the days of iPad-free road trips,
by taking you on a trip down Nostalgia Lane.

We want to bring back the love and memories attached to road trips,
embrace the traffic jams and the constant arguing over the window seat.

You could win £150 worth of Amazon vouchers to stock up on your nostalgic favourites for your next technology free family road trip!
All you have to do is share your most memorable family road trip with us and two winners will be selected!

This competition has now closed.

Congratulations to our two winners

Aman Singh


Huddersfield Heaven & Hell

In 1988 I had a very memorable road trip to Huddersfield in my Dads pride & joy-Ford Escort XR3i. We had a family wedding in Huddersfield to attend. A bunch of us went in different cars. My cousin ended up with us. She was not a good traveller. I was wearing my brand new suit & was feeling good. She was not. She threw up all over my brand new suit. It was gone (according to my mum).Hell. Though I did get to meet some of my cousins for the 1st time with whom I still to talk and see regularly now. I also ended up making the best friend I've ever had. Heaven.

Joanne McGawley


Adventures of the Orange Sunbeam

Every Summer when the final schoolbell of term was still echoing in the air, we would pack up our trusty orange Sunbeam and head to Wales.The drive took us over 3 hours as our little Sunbeam heaved for breath under the weight of a family of 4 and the detritus of a UK break!We came up with a new word for when Daddy got cross with other drivers "Grillocks!".We`d stop on the way for flat warm coke and ham butties in foil. We`d suck Opal Fruits in colourful little packets and sing Lets All Chant over and over. And then we`d see the sea. My best memories. #family

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Paul Gregory


Seven Hours to North Devon

When I was 14 we went to Devon with my mum, brother, sister, aunt and two cousins. Seven of us in a Triumph 1500 three in the front four in the back, no seat belts no car seats. My aunt wouldn't go on the motorway so we stuck to A roads. The traffic was horrendous we hardly got out of first gear. The relief of arriving at our cottage was obvious and we had a week before we had to face the journey home. My aunt asked me to keep a record of how much we paid for petrol. I still have it £2.74 there and back.

Joseph Nyabako


Face to face with a Lionessin Afric

I was only 13yrs and my home is in Zimbabwe. . We were travelling by car to Vic Falls and my uncle decided to stop at a national park. Here the wild animals are not caged but are free in a big forest. I got out of the car when it stopped and walked away without being detected. My uncle moved the car for a few meters and as I walked towards the car, from the bush came out a lioness. I did not panic and it just stared at me as I went back into the car. I don't know how I survived that.

Natalia Stanoeva


Travel to South Wales

Went on a holidays to South Wales, had a great time exploring the area with a car.

Caroline James


Trip to Bonny Scotland

Rather than hurtling up the motorway to visit family in Dundee as usual, we decided to take the more leisurly route up the A roads. We kept seeing little ruined castles in the distance, so detoured and hunted them down. Aong the way we spotted deer, eagles and it was just so scenic - more so than the motorway! It was brilliant, it made our journey part of the holiday rather than the boring part of our break!



Forest Riding

Riding through pine-scented forests, (That bear absolutely no resemblance to toilet cleaners!) with your buddies and your V twin engine humming happily just has to be up there....

Kerry Hedges


Summer Holiday

My most memorable road trip was when I was 10 years old and we went to Devon for our holiday. That particular year my dad drove a bright yellow mini clubman which had me, my brother and sister all cramped in the back and we could feel every bump in the road. I remember it being a long uncomfortable 6 hour journey but we were so excited to get to Devon that we didn't care and sang holiday songs all the way especially Cliff Richard - Summer Holiday which we sang over and over. It was certainly worth the journey because it was my most favourite family holiday.

Leanne Bell


Paw Patrol

Growing up our budget 'holidays' consisted of a long car journey in a Silver Escort from Devon to Blackpool and 2 nights in a Travel Lodge. The one year we had recently got a puppy, and for some mad reason we decided that we were going to take her with us, even though we hadn't worked out sleeping arrangements. We stopped often on the almost 5 hour trip for toilet breaks and petted the dog and sang badly to the radio the rest of the way. The car journey went quickly in comparison to previous years and we even blagged the dog into the hotel!

Madelaine McLaughlin


Ain’t no stopping us

Making sure we have all the comforts at hand when we go camping on the fatboy!