With today’s technology and easy access to short flights and fast trains,
it’s easy to forget about the days when a long road trip was the most memorable part of your summer.
Even if the radio was dodgy, you never won at eye spy or Dad always ‘sang’ along to the songs!

Kwik Fit Insurance Services wants to bring back the days of iPad-free road trips,
by taking you on a trip down Nostalgia Lane.

We want to bring back the love and memories attached to road trips,
embrace the traffic jams and the constant arguing over the window seat.

You could win £150 worth of Amazon vouchers to stock up on your nostalgic favourites for your next technology free family road trip!
All you have to do is share your most memorable family road trip with us and two winners will be selected!

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Congratulations to our two winners

Aman Singh


Huddersfield Heaven & Hell

In 1988 I had a very memorable road trip to Huddersfield in my Dads pride & joy-Ford Escort XR3i. We had a family wedding in Huddersfield to attend. A bunch of us went in different cars. My cousin ended up with us. She was not a good traveller. I was wearing my brand new suit & was feeling good. She was not. She threw up all over my brand new suit. It was gone (according to my mum).Hell. Though I did get to meet some of my cousins for the 1st time with whom I still to talk and see regularly now. I also ended up making the best friend I've ever had. Heaven.

Joanne McGawley


Adventures of the Orange Sunbeam

Every Summer when the final schoolbell of term was still echoing in the air, we would pack up our trusty orange Sunbeam and head to Wales.The drive took us over 3 hours as our little Sunbeam heaved for breath under the weight of a family of 4 and the detritus of a UK break!We came up with a new word for when Daddy got cross with other drivers "Grillocks!".We`d stop on the way for flat warm coke and ham butties in foil. We`d suck Opal Fruits in colourful little packets and sing Lets All Chant over and over. And then we`d see the sea. My best memories. #family

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Kerry Codling


Devon Detour!!

so, my mum had taken my children and 3 of my siblings on the train to our destination leaving my brother and I to drive with everything needed for the week in my car. Last minute I quickly printed a route planner (before the ownership of a sat nav!) and off we went! We followed the directions and sang our hearts out to the playlist only to find we couldn't find our family at the destination... a phone call later we realised we'd driven to the head office for the holiday park in Devon! We needed to be in St Ives Cornwal!!! Amazing memories with my little bro!!



christmas in italy

my Italian parents had lived in uk 37years. due to earthquake damage they had to stay in italy for xmas for the repairs.rather than miss our traditional family xmas . we their 4 adult children ,3 partners & 3 grand children ) begged to use 1 of kids school minibus . after school we set off for Italy 1250 miles via paris to pick up 3 friends singing carols all the way. 26 hrs later we arrived xmas eve & knocked on the door and waited for them to answer the door what wonderful xmas & surprise it was .we took turkey,brussels,gravy & crackers. unforgettable !

Dianne Jackson


Jackson family holiday

Betsy our Toyota Previa loaded up and were off to France. Dad driving, mam sat in the front with her kindle and the 3 children fully kitted out with things to occupy them. Only 20 mins down the road and "how long till we get there?" How many more times are we going to hear that? On our journey we loved singing along to Bruno Mars & Olly Murs, playing the number plate game! Going fully round the roundabouts was a family ritual , dad always had to do it. We knew he went the wrong way. Mam navigating and shouting "that way!" Best start to a hol is the car ride.

Marie humphries


Morris Minor style !

Every year during the summer holidays we went to my nans friends caravan in Weymouth. Grandad had a Morris Minor - I sat in the boot section - we didn't have seat belts !!




But then it seemed like an age to get to Kolmar it took over seven hours it was a journey not by much motorway is lots of back roads I stayed awake the whole way because I was interested in the way he chose to drive and the scenery watching over cars and caravans and then got to the seaside crisp blue seas clear look like abroad and I've never been abroad but then amazing

Stephen Hartley



I had my first ford fiesta xr2 car it was 1983 model got my girlfriend and two mates and we went to Rhyl Wales for the day had the best time of my younger years in that car it is still going to this day and it's in pool Dorset and I am in touch with the owner

Tracey Belcher


Friendly Car Full

As a foster carer we had many 'exciting' road trips, some planned and others not! I think one of the most memorable was in a Renault Scenic with 4 children who were playing a game trying to see how friendly the folk of Brighton were. They waved frantically with happy smiles at every passer by to see how many happy smiles and waves they could get back in return. We counted 42! A lovely friendly seafront we thought

Kelly Chalke


Weymouth bound!!!

This was our first family break away, having 5 children of various ages, some suffer travel sickness it can make little trips or break very tricky! But This year turned out great! The children were happily singing in The car, we had a competion of how many cars we could find in our chosen colour, The winner was allowed to decide were we had tea that night. Our 4 year old won and chosen mcdonalds!! Lol, it was a lovely journey and a memorable holiday to be cherished, i have added a photo of our little monkeys on route to weymouth