With today’s technology and easy access to short flights and fast trains,
it’s easy to forget about the days when a long road trip was the most memorable part of your summer.
Even if the radio was dodgy, you never won at eye spy or Dad always ‘sang’ along to the songs!

Kwik Fit Insurance Services wants to bring back the days of iPad-free road trips,
by taking you on a trip down Nostalgia Lane.

We want to bring back the love and memories attached to road trips,
embrace the traffic jams and the constant arguing over the window seat.

You could win £150 worth of Amazon vouchers to stock up on your nostalgic favourites for your next technology free family road trip!
All you have to do is share your most memorable family road trip with us and two winners will be selected!

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Congratulations to our two winners

Aman Singh


Huddersfield Heaven & Hell

In 1988 I had a very memorable road trip to Huddersfield in my Dads pride & joy-Ford Escort XR3i. We had a family wedding in Huddersfield to attend. A bunch of us went in different cars. My cousin ended up with us. She was not a good traveller. I was wearing my brand new suit & was feeling good. She was not. She threw up all over my brand new suit. It was gone (according to my mum).Hell. Though I did get to meet some of my cousins for the 1st time with whom I still to talk and see regularly now. I also ended up making the best friend I've ever had. Heaven.

Joanne McGawley


Adventures of the Orange Sunbeam

Every Summer when the final schoolbell of term was still echoing in the air, we would pack up our trusty orange Sunbeam and head to Wales.The drive took us over 3 hours as our little Sunbeam heaved for breath under the weight of a family of 4 and the detritus of a UK break!We came up with a new word for when Daddy got cross with other drivers "Grillocks!".We`d stop on the way for flat warm coke and ham butties in foil. We`d suck Opal Fruits in colourful little packets and sing Lets All Chant over and over. And then we`d see the sea. My best memories. #family

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Amanda knowles


Windywiper Woes

We were travelling on holiday from Sheffield in our mustard yellow cortina down to the beautiful Norfolk Broads where my father moored his sailing boat the Pat-Amanda...the clouds were rolling in and the smell of rain was definitely in the air as we reached Newark the heavens opened! Dad switched the wipers up to full speed and twang! Both wipers flew off! Narrowly missing another car the metal part of the wiper was left screeching across the glass like a metal spoon on a saucepan...after a swift stop and grab they were re attached with my mums hair bobbles!

Julianne Jeavons


Childhood holiday memories

Every year on 1st August we went on holiday to either Tenby or Anglesey my dad had an Austin a40 bright red called rosy How we plus luggage all fitted in such a small car I don't Our competition was to look out for the new registration plates whoever got the most had buy ice creams I also remember new cars with "Running in" stuck on the rear window Such fond memories

Sharon Lloyd


The trials and tribulations

Having tasken the car ferry across the Bay of Biscay, we arrived at Bilboa and began our long drive to The Gironde . The car was heavily laden with tent, camp kitchen, portaloo (you never know how far your camping pitch will be from the shower block) and 2 children who began their cries of 'are we nearly there yet' within 48 minutes of hitting terrafirma. On the back of our Ford Focus Estate was our trusty little trailer, which decided to burst a tyre along the French motorway. The picture below is day one of our ' little French road trip adventure'

Caroline McCalmont


Our New Hummer

From 2004 to 2011 my husband and I ran a Limousine Hire company on the West Coast of Scotland, the business aptly named West Coast Limousines. Our road trip, one of many was to collect our new Black Stretch Hummer from Wales. Present, husband myself and our 4 year daughter. Journey North Wales to Troon, 7 hours, and lots and lots of fun!!! Imagine the view from the M6, at rush hour, a 200 inch stretch hummer with orange flames up the side, with the music blaring!!! This memory will never leave me!!

mary bilton


Quantock Trail

Living down in Bridgewater in Somerset,my father who worked as a site foreman at Hickley point at the time.He was away before myself+my brothers were up in a morning +we were in bed when he got home.So this lead to fun adventures as when he got the chance he was home in his Landrover,loading us,my mother and the gas burner and what ever food was on the go into the vehicle and off we would go!!In the wilds !!Singing Irish songs!!Mum hanging onto her seat as we four had to move to driver side to cling on the slippery roads , her screaming,us laughing!HILARIOUS



a55 wales

i went on a day trip to wales in 2010 to bodewydann castle it was a very nice trip i thoroughly enjoyed it

Christopher sanders


Me and my dad in the document run

Every summer holidays as a child I had to keep my dad company on documents runs. He was a taxi driver and before fax and emails were invented, my dad would take urgent legal documents from Nottingham to various cities like Leeds, Manchester, Coventry etc. Mum would give us a pack up for lunch and I'd sit in the front on a big cushion so I could see out the windscreen with a big AA road map on my lap. I'd be the navigator telling my dad which roads we'd needed , he'd pretend we were lost in this big black cab, driving through the countryside. great fun.

Stephen Carney


Port Bou and back

I went with my best mate's family in his dad's Ford Granada. From Manchester to Port Bou in northern Spain. We were camping in a wooded area. The drive through France for a young naïve boy was amazing. The smells, the colours, the long country roads with a heat haze and fields of flowers, lavender and crops heightening my sense's. I remember breaking down in southern France and having to wait 3 day's for some new Ford wheel bearings to be delivered but in that time watching old wrinkled men playing boule's whilst we ate crusty bread cheese and fruits.