With today’s technology and easy access to short flights and fast trains,
it’s easy to forget about the days when a long road trip was the most memorable part of your summer.
Even if the radio was dodgy, you never won at eye spy or Dad always ‘sang’ along to the songs!

Kwik Fit Insurance Services wants to bring back the days of iPad-free road trips,
by taking you on a trip down Nostalgia Lane.

We want to bring back the love and memories attached to road trips,
embrace the traffic jams and the constant arguing over the window seat.

You could win £150 worth of Amazon vouchers to stock up on your nostalgic favourites for your next technology free family road trip!
All you have to do is share your most memorable family road trip with us and two winners will be selected!

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Congratulations to our two winners

Aman Singh


Huddersfield Heaven & Hell

In 1988 I had a very memorable road trip to Huddersfield in my Dads pride & joy-Ford Escort XR3i. We had a family wedding in Huddersfield to attend. A bunch of us went in different cars. My cousin ended up with us. She was not a good traveller. I was wearing my brand new suit & was feeling good. She was not. She threw up all over my brand new suit. It was gone (according to my mum).Hell. Though I did get to meet some of my cousins for the 1st time with whom I still to talk and see regularly now. I also ended up making the best friend I've ever had. Heaven.

Joanne McGawley


Adventures of the Orange Sunbeam

Every Summer when the final schoolbell of term was still echoing in the air, we would pack up our trusty orange Sunbeam and head to Wales.The drive took us over 3 hours as our little Sunbeam heaved for breath under the weight of a family of 4 and the detritus of a UK break!We came up with a new word for when Daddy got cross with other drivers "Grillocks!".We`d stop on the way for flat warm coke and ham butties in foil. We`d suck Opal Fruits in colourful little packets and sing Lets All Chant over and over. And then we`d see the sea. My best memories. #family

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Michael Reames


Fish in france

Drove from weston super mare to St Michel in the Dordoigne via the channel tunnel. My 18 yr old son. 15 yr old son and my brothe. We were going to carp fish abroad for the first time. We planned the trip to drive without motorways in France. The rolling fields and peacefull tranquility of the French villages. We drove down through Normandy and got a real feel of the enormity of what really happened there a lifetime ago. My 2 children, even at the ages they were , asking questions and taking in the scenery. We arrived at our lake surrounded by woods. Beautiful



Mablethorpe grandsons first holiday

My holiday to mablethorpe was the best ever, I went with my husband, youngest son, our daughter and for the first time our 3 year old grandson who had never been away before. Our journey should have took about 2 and a half hours but ended up being 4 and a half. To occupy his mind our game was to see how many different animals we could see. We travelled in my blue vectra car packed with his first bucket and spade. This holiday I will never forget because of my grandson, I didn't want to bring him back home

Michelle O'Brien


Karma in the south of france

15 yrs old travelling aboard for the first time from london to south of france in a white ford escort. Travelling with my aunt, my two cousins and my uncle the driver, who jokingly threatened to abandon me in order to make room for his chateau neuf du pape that he wanted to purchase on route. Cousins were annoying little brats who despite smaller than me insisted I sit in the middle. Despite the heat and the squabbles I sat back and watched the change of scenery, smells and sounds and when we arrived my cousin opened the door and fell straight into a ditch!

Billy McCulloch


Vancouver & US west coast

We left from Medicine Hat at 0900 in our Dodge Caravan to arrive at Vancouver at 2100 that night. The next day we visited the Vancouver Canucks arena and down town Vancouver then headed back to the hotel for some well earned hot tub time. We then began our 15 hour trip on to San Francisco, spent a night their and then another 7 hour trip to Anaheim, we stayed here for a week and a half, had 3 days in Disney land, a day at universal studios and the rest of the time was spent biding local areas and beaches. Before heading off to pheonix & Las Vegas. Mega trip!!

Anthony Tarsey


Bordeaux or bust.

A family trip to Bordeaux,six adults and two children in a VW Campervan for a camping holiday at Arcachon in the southwest corner of France for one week and then up to Brittany for the second week with me as the sole driver.We set off from our home in York at 0900 on a Saturday morning to pick up mine and the wife's parents in Hull and the hired Campervan and set off for Dover around lunchtime to catch the ferry for France.Once we'd managed to get round Paris I managed to grab about four hours sleep before arriving at our destination.I slept for 2 days after!

Roger Lynch



Probably the trip I remember the most is to Italy on my Honda CX500 motorbike. The route. Troyes..Langres ..Vesoul ..Belfort ..Altkirch ..St Louis ..Basel ..Luzerne ..Aarburg.. St Gotthard Pass ..Brunnen ..Andermatt ..Ponte Teresa.. Valganna ..Milano ..Genova....Viareggio Bogliano....had spaghetti scampi . Pisa La Spezia ...Viareggio ...Genova ...St Bernard Pass. ...Amaretto coffee..... Pollein Lausanne... Mont Blanc ...Casque du Lenteney ..... Mont Blanc Tunnel...Geneva.... Goodol' Honda CX500 never missed a beat. Bellegarde Bourgeois en Bresse Macon Chalon sur Saone Beaune Saulieu Auxerre Sens Paris St Denis Englhen Beauvais Abbeville Boulogne yep, we sure did a lot of miles 2500 miles according to my diary.

Ann Louise Turner


Summer trip 2 Devon

Our Family road trip to Devon... Where Amazing Memories were made..



Bye Bye Bikes

One year we went to France but instead of booking a campsite we would just drive round looking for one...not fun!! After a while of driving we decided to stop for food but then we came across the problem of not being able to find a car park/space! Irritated, my parents spotted an underground car park...going through the entrance there was a massive bang & scratching...the bikes were on top of the car and had now been dragged through the tunnel entrance. The bikes were a broken mess and the car was damaged as the bike rack had pulled away from the roof!!